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Engineering is the creative application of scientific principles to design and develop. It is broader than writing code or designing a circuit. In reality, nontechnical competencies are just as critical to engineers as their technical training. The IEEE-USA Student Professional Awareness Activities (SPAA) are oriented to enhance the leadership, career, and professional development skills of engineering students. Student Professional Awareness Experience, SPAx builds on the longstanding legacy of Student Professional Awareness Conferences and Ventures, to address the highly dynamic world we live in today; aiming to enlighten the minds of the future leaders, in hope of securing a lifelong career in engineering.

Being a trademark in both membership development and organizing professional & technical activities, IEEE AIUB Student Branch has been successfully organizing Student Professional Awareness Venture (SPAVe) under the SPAx program of IEEE-USA consecutively from 2016 to 2019. Moreover, for the first time in the history of IEEE Bangladesh Section along in the IEEE Region 10, IEEE AIUB Student Branch successfully organized Student Professional Awareness Venture (SPAVe) in 2016 consequently passing down with SPAVe 2.0 in 2017,SPAVe 3.0 in 2018 and later on SPAVe in 2019 respectively. It is worth mentioning that SPAVe 4.0 was brought with new modifications and exciting professional sessions which intrigued ambassadors and so the guests which eventually dragged the event into a massive success with the largest number of participants throughout the year. IEEE AIUB Student Branch once again brings this exclusive USA Flagship Event for the fifth time in the history of IEEE Bangladesh Section & IEEE Region-10, with new modification as Student professional Awareness Venturr-5.0 (SPAVe 5.0). The IEEE SPAVe 5.0 will be held at American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB) on (TBA). In our continual quest to provide an even better experience andvalue to the student members of IEEE, a new effort was made to listen and understand the program from the student’s perspective.

This professional venture will include a series of professional and career-based workshops focused on professional development, conducting plenary talks on timely topics, improving non-technical practical skills for a successful professional career, allowing students to understand the ever-changing professional world and also developing skills that would not be taught in classrooms needed to pursue a career as an exemplary individual.



Bruce Stark

Co-founder and CEO,

Bat Iron Limited

Martha Nielsen

Daughter of Ulrich and Katharina Nielsen

Time Travel

Clark Potter

Super Magic Engineer

Hogwarts Krpton Limited

Jonas Kahnwald

Grandson &Son of Ulrich and Katharina Nielsen

Time Travel

Walter Pikman

Assistant Faculty & Chemist

Chemistry Lab

Thor Snow

Know Nothing

Asgard Hammer Limited

Thor Snow

Know Nothing

Asgard Hammer Limited


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