SESSION 01: Roadmap to becoming an Educationist, Researcher or Scholar

Duration: 60 minutes

This session will focus on how on students can pursue a career in an academic/educational background, i.e. as a scholar, researcher or lecturer. Participants will be briefed on how to conduct research for a thesis/project, publish a paper in a conference/journal, pursue higher studies at an esteemed university across the world and gradually build up their academic profile.

SESSION 02: Workshop on IEEE ResumeLab and How to Write a Modern-Day CV/Resume

Duration: 75 minutes

This session will focus on how on students can write a Curriculum Vitae (CV)/resume tailored to their qualifications, merits and requirements. The different types of standard, conventional and contemporary CVs used worldwide, will be discussed and students will be trained to write a personalized one of their own. The uses and applications of IEEE ResumeLab to achieve this, will be shared as well. The ultimate goal will be to ensure 40 completed self-made sample CVs, in the hands of all 40 participants by the end of the workshop.

SESSION 03: Workshop on Professional Communication and Presentation Skills Development

Duration: 60 minutes

The art of communication and giving presentations is a crucial non-technical skill for any prospective engineer. Targeting this special need, the workshop will aim to develop the participants’ presentational and speech-giving skills through practical demonstrations. Furthermore, they will be taught how to use vital tools to prepare slides such as MS PowerPoint and Prezzi and conduct professional and formal correspondence with others via mail.

SESSION 04: Seminar on Product Development and How to Introduce your Prototype to the Market/Industry

Duration: 45 minutes

Often engineers and final-year students who are able to bring their idea into fruition in the form of a developed product/prototype, are faced with the challenge of commercializing it in the market. This lecture will address that issue and educate students on how they can connect with investors, partners and sponsors or crowdfund their project, adapt their design to fit the demands of the market, and introduce their final design/product into the market/industry.

SESSION 05: Interactive Panel Training through Mock Interviews/Proposals

Duration: 90 minutes

In this session, students will be trained on how to nail a job interview or proposal at an office, firm or institute. Using their already prepared CVs and proposals from the previous session, they will take turns in giving a mock interview/presentation in front of a panel of prospective recruiters. Both their strengths and flaws will be pointed out, shared and discussed with the rest of the participants and repeated attempts will be allowed to correct any previous errors. Through this constructive process, this exercise will aim to build confidence and flexibility, while also conveying valuable lessons.


Duration: 120 minutes

This special session is being arranged for all final-year and graduate students, as well as faculty members of universities across Bangladesh, and is brought to you by the IEEE Bangladesh Section Educational Activity and Professional Activity Committees and the Young Professional Affinity Group. The session is free and open for all, and will be featuring the benefits, prospects and requirements of a potential career in robotics and automation.

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