Event Schedule:

Session Title Speaker Tentative Time Duration
Kit Collection - 08:30-09:00 AM 30 minutes
Welcome Speech Chowdhury Akram Hossain
Adviser, IEEE AIUB Student Branch.
Senior Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering, AIUB.
Special Assistant, Office of Student Affairs, AIUB.
09:00-09:10 AM 10 minutes
Opening Session Videos, Messages, About SPAVe - 09:10-09:25 AM 15 minutes
Breakfast - 09:25-09:40 AM 15 minutes
Ice Breaking - 09:40-10:10 AM 30 minutes
Venture to become an Enterprenuer Zamilur Rashid.
CEO and Founder,
Mindfisher Games Inc.
10:10-10-55 AM 45 minutes
Modern Day CV Writting S M Ahbabur Rahman.
Head of HR, Doreen Power.
Lead Consultant, HR Speaks Bangladesh.
10:55-11:40 AM 45 minutes
Tea Break & Network Session - 11:40-12:15 PM 35 minutes
Resources to build your profile for both academic and professional career Prof. Dr. Md. Abdur Rahman
Director, Faculty of Engineering
American International University-Bangladesh
12:15-01:00 PM 45 minutes
Lunch Break - 01:00-02:00 PM 60 minutes
How can Volunteering Help an Engineering Student Arnob Kumar Saha
Assistant Manager
Office of Professional Development at BYLC
02:00-02:45 PM 45 minutes
A Talk on Work Ethics and Corporate Culture Syed Taher Ahmed.
Director, HR Consultant.
Career Coach at Enroute Center for Development.
02:45-03:45 PM 60 minutes
Tea Break and Networking Session - 03:45-04:05 PM 20 minutes
Interactive Session - 04:05-05:05 PM 60 minutes
Thanksgiving to Sponsors and Partners - 05:05-05:25 PM 20 minutes
Closing & Certificate Giving Ceremony - 05:25-05:45 PM 20 minutes

Event Details:

SESSION 01: Resources to build your academic and professional profile 

Session Type: Talk/Seminar
Duration: 45 minutes

The students who are in the final year of their graduation and fresh graduates face a common problematic situation which is - adding something ‘extra’ to their profile to upgrade their resume. The session will focus on students to acquire specialized skills that are relevant to intended field of study which could really make a difference in their professional life and participants will be briefed on how to, pursue higher studies at esteemed universities across the world and gradually build their academic profile.

SESSION 02: Venture to become an entrepreneur

Session Type: Training/Workshop
Duration: 45 minutes

The session will focus on taking the venture to build one’s career as an entrepreneur. Participants will learn about the challenges and difficulties to initiate a new business based on a concept or idea; also they will be familiarized with the present day scenario of business policies and obstacles in our society.

SESSION 03: Modern Day CV Writing

Session Type: Training/Workshop
Duration: 45 minutes

This session will focus on how on students can write a Curriculum Vitae (CV)/resume tailored to their qualifications, merits and requirements. The different types of standard, conventional and contemporary CVs used worldwide, will be discussed and students will be trained to write a personalized one of their own.

SESSION 04: How can Volunteering help an engineering student

Type: Talk/Interactive Session
Duration: 45 minutes

Engineering is all about designing processes and making products to solve real-world problems. By involving in
volunteering to an on-campus academic or professional organizations can help the students to bring new experience; create new networks. The session will focus on the aspects of the volunteering for the engineering
students about how it could make a difference in their career and boost their employment prospects. 

SESSION 05: Seminar on Work Ethics and Corporate Culture

Session Type: Talk/Seminar
Duration: 45 minutes

This session will address to educate students on Work Ethics as it is fundamentally intertwined with engineering and decisions made by engineers have a profound impact on society. Also they will be taught about how they can commercialize themselves in the corporate world; break the barrier to connect with investors, partners and sponsors; introduce their design/product into the market/industry and learn about the corporate environment.