Speaker Profile: Ghulam Don Sumdany

Ghulam Sumdany Don is the Chief Inspirational Officer of Don Sumdany Facilitation and Consultancy. He is a leader and an internationally certified professional corporate trainer. He has been certified by the American Board of NLP. He has closely trained under Master- Trainer Sarah Krasker at the Master Trainer Institute of France. Furthermore, he has also been trained by the Marketing Guru – Trini Amador from BHC Consulting (USA). To add more to his experience, he also worked for Philip Morris International for 4 consecutive years. In 2016, he was chosen as one of the “Ten Outstanding Young Persons, Bangladesh” by JCI Bangladesh.
Mr. Ghulam Sumdany has performed a plethora of training sessions for a clientele that exceeds over 100. His clients include many domestic and International corporate firms as well as Government Officials. He has conducted many motivational and professional workshops for NGOs and in a great number of internationally recognized events. He is recognized not only for his motivational talks, but also his immense expertise in the corporate field.

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