Minhaz-Us-Salakeen Fahme

Co-founder and CEO,

Battery Low Interactive Ltd.

With severe drive towards facing new challenges and creating something revolutionary, Minhaz-Us-Salakeen Fahme is a man of his passion. He is one of the young and talented entrepreneurs in the IT sector in Bangladesh. Interested in new technology and has a habit of winning competitions, he is a skillful and versatile young individual who had the courage to convert his visions and ideas into reality. After winning few business case study competitions and Microsoft Imagine Cup Bangladesh in 2015 he went on to establish a game development company named “Battery Low” which went on expanding wings in Augmented and Virtual Reality, web and app development as well. Apart from making revolutionary application and games, they also preach technologies like AR & VR to children in rural areas with their outreach campaigns. Back in earlier days, he used to be a debater and organizer who influenced a lot of people on his remarkable journey. He has been conducting engaging sessions on AR, VR, MR, Game Design, entrepreneurship, career and leadership to youth and entrepreneurs. So far, he has 5 national TV appearances, 12 sessions in national events, 1 keynote in Digital World and more than 15 sessions on educational institutions in different levels. He is a blogger and game designer by passion. He also loves video direction and fiction writing.

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